Sky Installation Hundreds of your favourite TV channels from Sky  Why choose us? 

Our expert Sky installers have managed to provide a full Sky installation where other installation companies have failed or claimed it is not possible to do. As we’re an independent installer, we are not bound by the rules of other installers. 
This means that we can: 
Install your dish and/or Sky box faster 
Spend more time making sure it’s working flawlessly 
Install it in special locations 
Find a place to install the dish in a difficult reception area 
Secure a more precise dish alignment for the best signal strength possible 
Help you get your Sky installation and Sky subscriptions up and running 
Charge our own very competitive prices 
Give you unbiased, honest and independent advice 
Our engineers also have a ‘working at heights’ qualification, so we can install dishes above and beyond the capabilities of many Sky engineers. 
Highly competitive installations in business premises, offices, gyms, hotels, pubs and more are also available. 

Already have a satellite dish installed? 

Perhaps you used to have Sky, or you’re switching to Sky from Freesat? If so, we can use your existing dish, make sure it’s correctly aligned for maximum signal strength, and then install the Sky set-top box with the existing cabling. 

Need a dish? 

We can supply our premium brand sky satellite dish, install it in the correct location, and then perfectly align it for optimum signal strength. We will then carefully fit the cables from the dish to your television(s). Once the cabling is complete, we will supply a top brand Sky box, hook it up to the dish cable and connect it to your TV. 
Did you know: 
Alignment between the dish and satellite must be EXTREMELY precise! Even the smallest difference in direction or angle will make the reception extremely poor. Our experts use the latest satellite installation tools to make sure the dish is perfectly aligned and securely fixed. 

Specialist installation 

We can undertake installations which official sky installation installers will not. If you’ve been turned down by Sky for any reason, speak to us. We can install a fully featured sky system which is fully legitimate and ready to use. 
Some of our special installations include: 
Multiroom systems that include Freesat receivers alongside your Sky box 
Hidden Sky dish installation 
Chimney mounted dish installation 
Garden/patio mounted Sky dish installation (as well as caravans, log cabins etc) 

Sky HD & Sky+ and European channels 

An official Sky+ set-top box will allow you to record, pause and rewind live TV. 
Did you know that you can receive thousands of free-to-view channels from across Europe? There are even channels in many different languages, so you can enjoy programming if English is not your native language. 
Receiving European TV is simple! 
All we need to do is make sure that you have the correct satellite dish installed. We may be able to use your existing dish if you have one, or we may need to install one of our specialist larger dishes to receive the European signal. 
We can then install one of our best satellite decoder set-top boxes, secure the whole system to your TV and tune it in for you. 

Call us now 

If you have any questions about digital TV aerial installation or repairs, or you would like to receive a free, no obligation quote, give us a call on 
0800 328 7517 or use our online booking and enquiry form. 
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